Good Bye to Security Deposits and Hello to Tenants

With Jack and Landlords, Landlords never need a security deposit when renting to tenants to stay protected of default rents and property damages. And best of all, your tenants pay the cost for your protection over 12 equal monthly payments.

  • No more tenant disputes over security deposits
  • No more court dates
  • No more complying to state laws with escrow accounts
  • No more large cash outlays from your tenants

The cost is just 65% of your tenant's 1st month's rent paid over 12 equal payments. After the twelfth payment, payments drop off and your guarantee stays effective until your tenant terminates their lease. Your guarantee covers up to the full amount of your tenant's 1st month's rent.

Payments are due when you receive your tenant's rent each month. Or, you can have your tenants subscribe to have the guarantee payments drafted directly from their checking account. There is no due date each month.

Good bye to security deposits and hello to more tenants with Jack and Landlords.