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The practice of renters putting down a month’s rent as security deposit is going the way of landline phones: not so long ago, everybody had one, but they’re quickly becoming a relic. BY DENNIS RODKIN

Security deposits are the antiquated way of leasing. Jack and Landlords is the tenant paid protection of the landlord, whereby, tenants pay the landlord's guarantee cost along with rent. Jack and Landlords contract with landlords to cover tenants’ first month rent amount so landlords can lease without a security deposit. Why use Jack and Landlords?:

  • Increase renewals and decrease turnover rates
  • Landlords profit when damages are lower than the amount paid out by guarantee.
  • Tax deduction given by tenants that decreases tax liability.
  • A discounted, same as cash, alternative finance option to tenants
  • An alternative to multiple months of security deposit for landlords that require 2 or more months. Tenants agree to one month's security deposit and guarantee for the second month.
  • Tenants are left with move in cash
  • No more large cash outlays from tenants
  • No more tenant disputes over security deposits
  • No more court dates
  • Tenants walk free and clear of no reimbursements of claims to Jack and Landlords

The cost is just 65% of your tenant's 1st month's rent paid over 12 equal payments. After the twelfth payment, payments drop off and your guarantee stays effective until your tenant terminates their lease. Your guarantee pays out the whole amount equal to your tenant's 1st month's rent.

Payments are due when you receive your tenant's rent each month that includes the cost of the guarantee. Landlords complete their own addendum with tenants for adjusted rent to include guarantee cost. There is no due date each month.

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