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About US

Jack and Landlords is underwritten by Selective Insurance Group and founded in 2014 out of Charlotte, NC with the mission of mutually benefiting landlords, tenants, and owners with no security deposit leasing.  The leasing method of tenants paying the landlord's guarantee cost the first year results in stronger tenants, higher retention, and increased profits for property owners and management companies.   We take pride in being the mutually beneficial solution to no fee leasing that still give landlords the same protection of security deposits and increased profits without security deposit disputes and damages.

Jack and Landlords was founded by Calvin Brock.   Brock was working as a commercial real estate leasing broker at The Nichols Company in charlotte from 2008-2010.  In the recession many deals fell through for Brock due to security deposits.  Qualified prospective tenants felt that security deposit money would get better used for move in costs instead of in the broker's escrow account.  Though Brock did advocate the security deposit requirement  in commercial leasing, he looked to see if the problem existed in residential.  Brock discovered that landlords across the country were increasingly leasing without security deposits, assuming all the risk, due to tenant disputes and escrow account violations causing landlords two to three times the security deposit amount in court ordered damages.   Brock created the solution with Jack and Landlords.

Calvin Brock is a 2000 Olympic boxer and former #1 world ranked pro and world title challenger.  Brock is a graduate of University North Carolina at Charlotte.  Brock has been married since 2005.  Brock and his wife enjoy a daughter and son together and lives in Charlotte, NC.  Learn more about Calvin Brock and the company directors by clicking  on the names below.